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PXG Authorised Retailer

Jul 19, 2018
PXG Authorised Retailer
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FEATURE 0311 T 0311 P 0311 XF 0311 SGI
The cross-sections reveal that the higher density steel material is positioned furthest from the CG on the PXG 0311 SGI giving it the highest MOI of the GEN2 family. Thicker regions of the low density COR2 Technology will help to dampen unwanted vibrations on mishit shots.
The offset increases from the PXG 0311 T GEN2 Iron through the PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Iron countering the effects of the longer blade length. This ensures the proper balance of each head design and easily returns the face to a square position.
The sole width increases from the T iron through the SGI iron moving the CG further away from the face creating a higher launch. Also, as sole width increases it becomes more accommodating for less than perfect impacts.
Club Loft Lie Length (inches) Bounce Offset (inches) Swing Weight
0311 T 32° 62.5° 37 0.073 D0
0311 P 31° 62.5° 37 0.130 D0
0311 XF 30° 62.5° 37 0.150 D0
0311 SGI 29° 62.5° 37 0.165 D0

Golf Simulator with EzyPay Instalment Plans - A wonder Purchase!

Jun 27, 2018
Golf Simulator with EzyPay Instalment Plans - A wonder Purchase!
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For the 1st Time Ever in Peninsular Malaysia the Biggest Golf Brand Retailer and the the Smallest Golf Store in the PLANET has developed a SUPREME PACKAGE for its existing Customers' and New Customer Bases' the ULTIMATA EZYPAY Instalment Plan either for 6 months or 12 months or even 24 months to PURCHASE a GOLF SIMULATOR!

Pay by Credit Card the 90% deposit payment and balance 10% payment after installation via M2U immediatley or Cash to our INSTALLERS and get the Best Exprience of Reality Golf at your Local or International Golf Course right at your Doorsteps at a CLICK of a BUTTON!

We are the No 1 SUPPLIER and INSTALLER of the Best Golf Simulators in the PLANET since 1988 for High End Condominium,Government Agencies,Sports Clubs,Bistro's, Lounges,Golf Resorts,Hotels & Resorts,HomeStay,Bungalows etc!

To get more details on the Golf Simulator's Packages and payment and installation immediately call or whatsapp our Golf Simulator Business Pro SAK at 6019-3594530 or Golf Simulator Director VK at 6016-2926918 now!



Maybank EzyPay Scheme 6 Months 12 months and 24 months for Golf Product Purchases Flexibility!

Jun 23, 2018
Maybank EzyPay Scheme 6 Months 12 months and 24 months for Golf Product Purchases Flexibility!
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At V.K.Golf we are the 1st Biggest Better Brilliant Golf Store that have Signed Up with the Most Prestigious Bank in South East Asia ' The MAYBANK ' with EZYPAY SCHEME spreading from 6 months to 12 months and least but less 24 months for our customers for MAJOR Credit Cards from MAYBANK thats VISA, MASTER CARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS!

XXIO X - The Ultimate Performance in your HANDS!

Jun 9, 2018
XXIO X - The Ultimate Performance in your HANDS!
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XXIO X Irons,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype} XXIO X Driver,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}XXIO X Fairway,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}XXIO X Hybrid,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}

XXIO X Ladies Driver,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}XXIO X Ladies Fairway,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}XXIO X Ladies Hybrid,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}XXIO X Ladies Irons,{$variationvalue},{$viewtype}

Get Easier Distance
The XXIO X Men’s Driver, XXIO X Men’s Fairway Woods, XXIO X Men’s Hybrids, and XXIO X Men’s Irons are a cohesive swing system that use lightweight design, unique shaft flex profiles, and high COR club heads to promote an easy, more consistent swing that helps moderate swings speed golfers experience dramatic distance gains.

XXIO X Men’s, the 10th generation of XXIO clubs, celebrates XXIO’s long-standing dominance as one of the world’s best men’s golf equipment manufacturers. A culmination of everything XXIO has pioneered over decades. XXIO X is the highest performing set of golf clubs we’ve ever created. XXIO X’s technology does not simply help your current swing hit the ball farther, but it actually contributes to your overall improvement as a golfer by promoting a better, more consistent swing that launches the ball with more speed, more distance, and less slice.

True-Focus Impact Technology
Nothing feels better than swinging easy and striking the ball right on the sweet spot. XXIO X Men’s uses True-Focus Impact Technology to reduce the forces on a male golfer’s body during his swing so that he can find the sweet spot more often and crush the ball straight down the fairway.

True-Focus Impact Technology starts with XXIO X Men’s Smart Impact Shaft. The new MP 1000 shaft uses lightweight Nanoalloy to help moderate swing speed golfers generate additional head speed. It also uses a unique flex profile to reduce forces on your body. During the swing, less forces acting on your body throughout the swing makes you more consistent and makes it easier to strike the ball on the center of the clubface.

The second half of True-Focus Impact Technology is the XXIO X Men’s High Energy Head. We expanded the high COR area of the face and optimized its placement for your impact pattern so it’s easy to find the sweet spot. Since XXIO X makes it easier to strike the ball on the high COR areas of the clubface, it’s easier for you to hit the ball farther.

Launch it with Cleveland Launcher HB Woods & Iron Set ! Get it today from the No 1 Golf Retailer in

Jun 6, 2018
Launch it with Cleveland Launcher HB Woods & Iron Set ! Get it today from the No 1 Golf Retailer in
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Launch it with Cleveland Launcher HB Woods

Cleveland Launcher HB Woods Technology

Cleveland Launcher HB drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids hit the ball high, long, and straight while sharing the same technology. We start our review by looking at something that’s not there:

Lightweight Hosel

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS lightweight hosel

None of the clubs in the Launcher HB line are adjustable. The hosel adjustment adaptors you see in almost every club on the market today weigh various amounts. The weight of the hosel adaptors places the CG of the head higher and closer to the club face. Therefore, you won’t find them in the Launcher HB clubs. By not having these adaptors, engineers lightened the hosel, which moves the CG lower and farther back from the face. The next feature also contributes the CG position.

HiBore Crown

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS hibore crown

At address, the Cleveland Launcher HB line shares a familiar feature with previous Cleveland metalwoods, a HiBore crown. The HiBore crown has 2 parts, a raised portion, and a lower portion. This latest version pairs with the lightweight hosel area to push the CG low and back. The raised portion of the new crown flexes at impact, delivering more ball speed for distance.

Flex-Fin Technology

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS flex-fin technology

Speaking of ball speed, the bottom of the Launcher HB clubs have Flex-Fin technology. This fan-like design flexes when you hit the ball to increase ball speed. But, what’s distance without forgiveness?

Launcher Cup Face

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS launcher cup face

This new feature increases the COR across the entire clubface, creating a larger sweet spot. As a refresher, COR is the measure of energy transfer to the golf ball at impact. The higher the COR, less energy is lost and is thus transferred to the ball for distance. Increasing the COR across the face ups the forgiveness factor, helping you hit more fairways.

Cleveland Launcher HB Stock Offerings


  • Loft: 9, 10.5, 12
  • Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 50g shaft – a lighter weight shaft, making it easier to swing faster
    • has a lower torque for better accuracy. Low torque keeps the head from moving at impact
  • Flex: A, R, S


  • Loft: 3W (15 deg.), 5W(18 deg.)
  • Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 50
  • Flex: A, R, S


  • Loft: 3 (19 deg.), 4 (22 deg.), 5 (25 deg.)
  • Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 60
  • Flex: A, R, S

Time For Lift Off....

Tournament on the Go

Jun 5, 2018
Tournament on the Go
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KL Expat Malaysia Golf Community Monthly - Order of Merit & Eclectic League 2018
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Confirm my Place for Sunday 10th June @ Kota Permai


KLEMGC Order of Merit & Eclectic League

Sponsored by VK Enterprise Golf Specialists
Sunday 10th June

Hi Folks,

Next installment of the OOM & Ecectic is this Sunday @ Kota Permai - Meeting at 11.30 for a 12,.30 tee off, RM290, click the button above to confirm your place.


FORE !!!
017 384 5150


KLEMGC Order of Merit & Eclectic 2018

Sponsored by

VK Golf Enterprise

ALL Dates Confirmed for 2018 @ Kota Permai G.C., Tee Time is 12.30pm forALL League Events !

Kota Permai Golf & Country Club retained the Malaysia’s Best Golf Course award during the 2017 World Golf Awards gala dinner at La Manga Club in Spain on November 25.


Cost is RM295 Inc Golf, Buggy, Caddy Sharing (Not Tip), Ins & 9RM Subs towards end of Year Trophy + RM5 towards 2's 


KLEMGC Order of Merit

Each player must participate in 9 of the 17 events throughout 2018.

20 points awarded for 1st place, 15 for 2nd going down by 1 point thereafter until 3 points for 14th place, thereafter 1 participation point will be awarded.

The player with the highest amount of points will be awarded the trophy at end of year.

We will also run the eclectic over the season which is the best score on each of the 1-18 holes over 11 events with the dates below and you must play 6 of 11 11 to qualify....All it means is you need to play more golf !! 

January - 7th 
***January - 28th
February - 11th
***February - 25th
April - 8th 
May - 6th
***May - 20th
June - 10th
Extra Ramadan Events (TBC)
July - 15th
***July - 29th
August - 12th
***August - 26th
September - 9th
***September - 23rd
November - 4th
December - 2nd

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place + Lowest Gross at the end of the year & Eclectic Champion

If you're not to sure about the rules & regulations please click this link - Order of Merit & Eclectic Rules - 2018


KPGCC TWO's is separate from the End of Month competitions.

Reset to Zero !!!

All events in 18' will have TWO's on Par 3's ONLY so you've ALL got a chance to pay for your days golfing, or years golfing...


Each player to put RM5 in the “Pot” before the competition starts.


GROSS Birdie on a Par 3


If only 1 person gets a Birdie, they take the Pot
If 2 people get one during a round, the money is split.
If more than 2 people get Birdie then it is a roll-over until the next competition
(If you get a 2 on a par 4 or 5 then this deserves to be included too)

KLEMGC would like to welcome V.K Enterprise (Golf Specialists) located at Menara City One, KL (Near Cap Sq & Sogo) as a generous sponsor of our Eclectic League in 2018.

VK have been in operation for over 30 years and have a great reputation in the market both in KL and overseas and the partners Vinoj & Anil will DEFINITELY look after your requests either via Whatsapp on 019 359 4530, email them directlyvkgolfhouse@yahoo.com.my

Partners for 2018 & Our Chosen Charity

Crown Relocations provides professional packing, transportation, destination and immigration services, as well as employee and family support, to assist people relocating internationally or domestically.

Please contact Henry Tattersfield a KLEMGC Member or Crown Relocations directly and say you are a KLEMGC member on +60 3 5636 9166 or click on the logo above which will take you directly to the website.
Founded in 2017, Kingsgate International School is set to become Malaysia’s premier international school. Take a look around the website by clicking the Kingsgate International School logo above, OR

Contact Duncan Douglas a KLEMGC member on Tel. +603-7782-4925 / +603-7785 6532 or Email. info@kingsgate.com.my or duncan@kingsgate.com.my

XXIO Says X Irons Are Its Best Yet

May 27, 2018
XXIO Says X Irons Are Its Best Yet
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Based in MIYAZAKI,JAPAN, and part of the Japanese concern that also owns Cleveland and SrixonXXIO is best known for producing clubs that are extremely lightweight and geared towards golfers with moderate swing speed who want to increase the distances they hit their shots. And officials at that company assert that their new XXIO X(pronounced Zek-si-oh ten) irons are the best they have made, thanks largely to the use of True-Focus Impact Technology, which combines a larger sweet spot with a shaft that helps players find the face center more often.

“They have build golf clubs differently than any other manufacturer,” .“XXIO 10 equipment is lightweight and easy to swing. Each club features custom-made shafts and grips, ensuring that every component actively helps moderate-swing speed golfers get more distance and control.

XXIO X takes this philosophy to the next level. The innovative shaft and head technologies in these new clubs will actually help a moderate-swing-speed golfer improve his or her swing with more consistency and a tighter impact pattern.”

In addition to True-Focus Impact, the XXIO X irons utilize tungsten nickel sole weights lower and deeper in the clubhead to encourage a higher launch. Progressive weight shapes also are designed to optimize performance in each loft, while titanium face construction is employed to create a larger sweet spot that produces higher ball speeds.

adidas Power Bounce Boa Golf Shoes

May 16, 2018
adidas Power Bounce Boa Golf Shoes
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Kalau berminat pm or whatapp/viber/linechat/tango/wechat dengan SEGERA nombor telefon bimbit tertera disini 0193594530
BOA Golf Shoes. Newly released BOA Closure System. Adidas Power Bounce. Authorized Adidas Dealer. Free EMS. White/ Black/ Green.
Kedai Golf Terbaik di Rantau ni Bros'


Taylor Made TP5X Athlete Limited Edition Golf Balls 2018 Series

May 15, 2018
Taylor Made TP5X Athlete Limited Edition Golf Balls 2018 Series
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Taylormade TP5X Athlete Edition

Available now via ONLINE BUYING at V.K. Golf Shop (The No 1 Online & Retail Store in the PLANET.)

“This makes my current ball feel outdated,” said Jason Day

Typically, changing golf balls is a long process for PGA TOUR pros, but the TP5X has proven to be the exception with many players quickly adding the ball to their arsenals. Taylormade's VP of Tour Operations, Keith Sbarbaro, spoke about the rapid adoption of the TP5X on tour, “The dispersion is just so tight and controlled. Almost every player who has tested the ball is hitting it higher, spinning it less, and landing it softer. This ball is the real deal, new guys are switching every week because it's that good.”

The unique advantage starts with a proprietary 5-layer ball construction. In traditional golf balls with 3 or 4 layers, golfers are forced to settle for high wedge performance at the expense of distance, or more driver/iron distance at the expense of losing control and feel around the greens. With a 5-layer construction, the TP5X maximizes driver and iron distance while also delivering best in class wedge performance and greenside spin.

This is achieved by a unique progressive construction manipulating the size, compression, and materials of each layer, which allows the decoupling of driver and iron speed from iron and wedge spin – a formula that can be directly attributed and only obtained through a 5-layer construction. Leaving the golfer with a golf ball that has been optimized for any and every shot they may face, a golf ball that has been meticulously engineered to perform with every club in their bag, for true tee-to-green performance.

The World Leader in Driving Range Equipment

May 11, 2018
The World Leader in Driving Range Equipment
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Need a small refreshment for your range?

Look no further.

                                         Range Mats, Baskets, Range Balls and Ball Trays!

                                                                  Find Out More On Our Website                                                       

The Design Story

May 9, 2018
The Design Story
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Two Small Dots

Each design has two small, unpainted dots on the top line of the putter 1/8” to either side of the center cavity sightline. This gives
the golfer a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning. The dots also assist the golfer on aligning breaking putts. Align the ball in front of the toe-side dot for right-to-left putts and the heel-side dot for left-to-right putts. This keeps the ball travelling on the high side of the target line.


Swing-Weight Balanced

Golf companies typically offer their putter models in a single weight then cut the length to 33", 34" and 35". This produces very different swing weights ranging from an extremely light C-8 in the 33" to a heavy feeling E-5 in the 35". Evnroll putters are milled to two different head weights. We then use different weight grips to dial-in a consistent swing weight for each length. The instant you pick up an Evnroll you’ll feel what we are calling “Swing Weight Balanced,” a putter that glids effortlessly back and through.

Made in USA

Every Evnroll putter head is precision milled in Carlsbad, California from a block of extruded (billet) 303 stainless steel, then hand ground, finished and assembled to exact specifications.

The Technology Story

May 9, 2018
The Technology Story
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Twenty years ago Guerin Rife designed putters with closely spaced grooves running across the face allowing a putter to roll the ball smoothly at impact. Despite initial resistance, many major golf manufacturers using alternate versions of Guerin’s original groove technology now use this idea.

While closely spaced grooves create a superior roll they also soften the impact. Simply stated, less contact surface means less hit. In tests, a ball hit in the center of a non-grooved putter travelled 25 feet. That same putter with grooves with just a quarter of the contact surface only reached 23.5 feet.

Sweet Face Technology

Hitting a straight putt isn’t easy. On a 15 footer, a ball hit just half an inch off-center will travel about 6” off line and 5% shorter. That slight miss-hit is a missed putt!

Introducing Evnroll®. Precise patented face milling imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke.

This unique milling pattern also gears the ball back to the center. So you can roll your putts the same distance to the same spot. Sweet.

Eliminate Miss Hits

The result is that the ball rolls virtually the same distance from center and off-center hits, meaning that Evnroll putters deliver unprecedented accuracy. That’s why it’s called “Sweet Face Technology.”


New Evnroll Putters with patented ※Sweet Face Technology.§

May 9, 2018
New Evnroll Putters with patented ※Sweet Face Technology.§
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New Evnroll Putters with patented Sweet Face Technology.”

Virtually the same distance to virtually the same spot from center and off center hits.

ER 1
ER 1.2
ER 2
ER 3
ER 5
ER 7
ER 8
ER 9


May 6, 2018
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Fujikura Power Surge


Fujikuru Power Surge


- Exotic, Ultra-High Modulus, Pitch Woven material from Japan used in Satellite Applications
- 3x stronger than traditional carbon materials at 105 msi tensile modulus
- Woven and spread into ultra-thin, lightweight reinforcement weighing half of a standard fiber (100g/m2)
- The stiffest, lightest and thinnest carbon fabric ever used in golf at only 0.08 mm thickness

Cleveland Bloom Ladies Package Set - Suitable for all levels Entry to High Handicap

May 6, 2018
Cleveland Bloom Ladies Package Set - Suitable for all levels Entry to High Handicap
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"Cleveland BLOOM (Bloom) Package Set" 

~A golf set suitable for any level of golfer playability seeking BRANDED SET at good deal, the best all-in-one for a ladies' golfer.

Dunlop Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. of the Sumitomo Rubber Group has released the "Cleveland BLOOM package set (8 sets / with caddy bag)" suitable for all levels, The price is open.
This product includes 8 drivers, fairway wood (# 5), hybrid (# 5), iron (# 7, # 9, PW, SW), putter and caddy bags, It is an all-in-one set. The elegant navy color caddy bag popular with women has a luxurious feeling by adopting a synthetic leather quilting fabric and realizes a high texture comparable to ordinary sales caddy bags.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

May 5, 2018
TaylorMade P790 Irons
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Editor's Choice

Technology in premium irons is something the top manufacturers have been dedicating extensive research and development to in recent years and TaylorMade has been at the front line. The P790 irons represent the cutting-edge of design and technology when it comes to the “players” iron.

First thing’s first, these are great looking clubs. From the back view and in the bag, they look like a muscleback iron with no cavity visible behind the face, just a clean, metallic piece hiding what transpires to be a great deal of technology and innovation. At address, the topline is of mid thickness and a slight offset suggests these clubs are clearly not just for the lower handicappers.

Although this is a forged iron, the engineers have worked hard to create a club that produces distance and playability that golfers of varying abilities will benefit from. In the P790 TaylorMade has delivered an iron that offers the best of both worlds – control and forgiveness.

The hollow cavity in the P790 uses SpeedFoam technology which not only helps generate ball speed but also optimises the sound and feel of the strike. We found the sound and feel off the face to be unusual at first, but when we got used to it the speed was notable, so too the distance.

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

May 5, 2018
Titleist 718 AP3 Irons
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Editor's Choice

How do you improve much loved irons like the AP1 and AP2, without taking away the unique characteristics that have earned them so much success? It’s a tough question, but it turns out there was a gap in the market between the two that AP3 has filled perfectly in what Titleist calls its ‘player’s distance iron’.

It sounds too good to be true, but the 718 AP3 irons really do deliver similar levels of speed and forgiveness to AP1 with the more compact shape and control of AP2, which is why we couldn’t leave them out of Editor’s Choice.

The distance comes from an unsupported thin face insert that springs to launch shots high and with plenty of spin. A hollow-blade body construction then pushes weight to the edges of the head and, combined with high-density tungsten weighting, offers lots of off-centre forgiveness.

It ticks plenty of other boxes too, with a classic and elegant look that’s significantly less chunky than AP1 from address and only slightly larger than AP2. In performance terms though, we found it sat slightly closer to AP1, with a 7-iron carrying 172 yards, seven more than the AP2 and only three less than AP1. These clear tangible differences between the three AP irons prove that the AP3 really has filled a gap in the market, which in our opinion helps elevate it from crowed sector.

In the six months since it went on sale, AP3 has become one of Titleist’s most popular offerings. Its versatility is a huge benefit and has seen an abundance of players take advantage, from lower handicappers who are seeking more power to teen handicappers ready to take the next step towards lower scores. If you’re due a change and want an iron that delivers a little bit of everything, you won’t regret choosing the 718 AP3.

Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver

May 5, 2018
Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver
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The crux of the Rogue Sub Zero driver is made up of the shell of the hugely popular Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic, but its what Callaway has done with that shell that sets it apart.

We’re most excited by the significant weight savings, which have allowed Callaway to make the club lighter and faster to swing, as well as more stable off-centre to aid distance and direction across the board.

Some of this weight saving comes from Jailbreak Technology tweaks. In Epic two titanium bars stiffened the crown and sole so the face could absorb more impact-load to create faster ball speeds and in Rogue these two bars are hourglass-shaped to save 25 per cent of their weight. The majority of weight savings, however, come from the removal of the Epic’s adjustable weight track.

While adding another premium driver to the range so soon might seem like a risky move, when you realise one driver is highly adjustable and the other is light and forgiving, you’ll see Callaway has cleverly joined the likes of TaylorMade and Titleist in offering multiple premium options aimed at different players. The Rogue Sub Zero also comes in a Draw and a more forgiving standard model, which arguably makes the loss of the weight track less of an issue.

The Cobra King F8 Driver

May 4, 2018
The Cobra King F8 Driver
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The Cobra King F8 Driver

A new CNC Milled titanium face produces more consistent bulge and roll properties for improved distance and accuracy. 360˚ Aero on the front part of the crown and sole reduce aerodynamic drag for more clubhead speed while adjustable sole weights alter launch, spin and shot shape. The adjustable hosel allows for eight loft settings to help you manage trajectory and launch angle while the draw bias will suit those with a tendency to lose the ball right.

At address, the traditional shape and large profile of the Cobra King F8 boosts confidence. The combination of the polymer trips making up the 360˚ Aero and the carbon fibre make the crown look a little busy but the contrast of black face and “nardo grey” front section definitely helps in face alignment.

In testing we found the CNC milled face did help with forgiveness and that there is good stability and ball speed on off-centre strikes. In terms of carry distance, the numbers were impressive in comparison to other premium competitors.

We found the F8 to be a relatively high launching driver and we think it’s best suited to players with mid to slower swing speeds.Another benefit available with the F8 is the Cobra Connect technology which can highlight strengths and weaknesses via a free app.

Overall, we think the Cobra King F8 is a great option for players seeking forgiveness and performance from a driver with a slightly less eye-watering price tag.

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