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Mar 21, 2019
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QR PAY by V.K. Enterprise - Purchase More Golf products and services

The Z-STAR XV and ZSTAR are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow.

Mar 16, 2019
The Z-STAR XV and ZSTAR are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow.
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The Z-STAR XV and ZSTAR are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow.

‘Distance is one of the major strengths of my game, and I trust the performance of the Z-STAR XV like nothing else on Tour,’ said professional Cameron Champ, who currently leads the Tour in driving distance.


‘The exceptional ball speed and distance that I’m able to generate with the Z-STAR Series gives me the unique opportunity to compete at an elite level week-in and week-out.’


The sixth generation Z-STAR Series features the all-new FastLayer Core, a revolutionary way to make a golf ball core. It starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firmer around its edge.


This greatly enhances ball speed for maximum distance performance, while maintaining exceptional feel at impact.

‘The new Z-STAR XV is hotter off the driver,’ said four-time Tour winner Keegan Bradley. ‘It’s definitely longer with my irons as well. So, it’s a ball that’s going to help you throughout the entire bag.’

Similarly, the new Z-STAR golf ball features Spin Skin with SeRM, which increases greenside spin and short game control, while maintaining that soft feel. In addition, the 2019 Z-STAR employs a three-piece construction and slightly increased compression with a harder mantle layer for more ball speed, reduced spin and more distance.

Key Technologies:

• New FastLayer Core: The FastLayer Core starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, giving high-speed players exceptional feel and enhanced ball speed for maximum distance.

• 4TH Generation Spin Skin with SeRM: A new coating with flexible molecular bonds digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximizing spin for more control and more stopping power.

• 338 Speed Dimple Pattern: The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern offers less drag and more lift to boost overall distance, while flying straight, even in the toughest wind conditions.

Srixon Z-Star balls get update with faster core for distance and cover coating's new "supermolecule"

Mar 16, 2019
Srixon Z-Star balls get update with faster core for distance and cover coating's new "supermolecule"
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Srixon Z-Star balls get update with faster core for distance and cover coating's new 'supermolecule' for better spin


Srixon’s new Z-Star and Z-Star XV balls feature an inside distance story fueled by power and an outside spin story so detailed it reaches the supramolecular level.

The point? To make balls for better players, you need complex constructions.

That construction includes the three-piece Z-Star and the four-piece, dual-core XV. Both balls feature core designs that start soft but get decidedly firmer toward the perimeter to give higher swing speed players more potential for longer driving distance. It’s what the company is calling the “FastLayer” core. Enhancing the distance component of both balls is a new firmer, highly repulsive mantle layer to create more ball speed potential and high launch with low spin on the longest shots.

The Z-Star and Z-Star XV measure at a higher compression than some of the competitive balls in the tour-ball marketplace, with the Z-Star at a 90 compression and the Z-Star XV at 102. Srixon engineers make the argument that the best players with above average swing speeds need a firmer core for the best performance.

“The exceptional ball speed and distance of both Z-Star offerings are driven by the new FastLayer Core technology, producing both outstanding ball speed and launch conditions tuned for the high swing-speed, better player,” said Jeff Brunski, vice president of research and development.

Core technologies, however, are the basics of golf ball design. It’s what Srixon is doing with its urethane cover that involves something outside of the ordinary, including what's known as a 'super molecule.' First, its ultra-thin urethane cover design (just 0.5 millimeters thick) means the Z-Star balls use less of the naturally slow urethane material in the ball’s design. Second, while a thicker urethane cover might more easily get into the grooves of short irons and wedges for more spin, the Z-Star balls’ thin covers get an extra coating designed to create more friction for more spin.

This treatment, the company’s “SpinSkin,” is now in its fourth generation, but it’s been updated with use of a new superpolymer. Known as SeRM or “Slide-Ring Material,” this enhancement changes the molecular structure of the coating to create stronger and more flexible molecular bonds that give at impact taking on what Srixon calls “unprecedented levels of shearing force.” Srixon engineers says this material allows the thin cover to penetrate the grooves for better grab and spin control on approach shots and shorter shots around the green.


The revolutionary slide-ring material compound was discovered and perfected at the University of Tokyo in the 1990s and has been the subject of dozens of academic papers over the years. It’s been used in coating materials for automobiles, cell phones and mobile computers, sound absorption in speakers, fishing rod design and even in anti-seismic materials to mitigate damage to buildings in earthquakes.

Kozho Ito, whose laboratory at the University of Tokyo has done the groundbreaking work on slide-ring materials, wrote in 2009, “These peculiar mechanical behaviors of the slide-ring materials are similar to those of biomaterials such as mammalian skin, vessel, and tissues.”

The science of SeRM can be dizzying. It has been described as “a polymer with moving crosslinking points.” “Crosslinking” is how polymers can be made to perform stronger, but by making the crosslinking moveable like on a pulley, those crosslinking sections are less likely to break under stress, thus making the construction less stable and less effective than its original formulation. That’s not happening with the slide-ring material coating being used on the Srixon balls, Brunski said.

“SeRM is an extremely flexible material,” Brunski said. “Never before has Srixon combined so many technologies in one golf ball, to produce more friction for more spin around the green.”

2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Balls SERM Technology is available now at VKGolf!

Mar 16, 2019
2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Balls SERM Technology is available now at VKGolf!
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2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Balls Launched - New Tour balls benefit from use of a special macromolecule material in the coating that improves overall performance

The new Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV for 2019 are the first and only golf balls in the world to use the macromolecule material called Slide-Ring, or SeRM. This is a macromolecule material developed at the University of Tokyo whose network construction uses “moveable cross-linking”, making it proficient in shape restoration, damage resistance, impact resistance and vibration absorption.



2019 srixon z-star balls


In Srixon’s new tour balls, this unique SeRM is blended into the Spin Skin coating to improve not only driver distance but also the feel and spin on the Z-Star, and increases spin performance on short game without losing driver distance on the Z-Star XV.



2019 srixon z-star yellow ball


The combination of the highly durable ultra-thin 0.5 mm urethane cover and spin skin with SeRM a soft feel. It is also more resistant to minor scratches caused by sand and pebbles in bunkers, and is also stain-resistant.

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The Z-STAR’s new core construction delivers high-resilience with the increased hardness of the mid-layer, and provides higher launch angles and lower driver spin with the enhanced outer hardness and inner softness.



2019 srixon z-star xv ball


The new two-layer core on the Z-Star XV with the larger outer core promotes higher repulsion. SeRM used in the coating delivers softer feel by contacting deep into face of the club, delivering more spin control, without sacrificing flight performance.

XXIO PRIME X - Available now at the No 1 Golf Store Fair Price CHAMPION!

Mar 15, 2019
XXIO PRIME X - Available now at the No 1 Golf Store Fair Price CHAMPION!
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FIRST LOOK: 2019 XXIO PRIME at VKGolf Store now!

Mar 15, 2019
FIRST LOOK: 2019 XXIO PRIME at VKGolf Store now!
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Semua Golf di Stor Terbaik di Rantau Asia Pasifik - V K GOLF

Mar 7, 2019
Semua Golf di Stor Terbaik di Rantau Asia Pasifik - V K GOLF
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Ping G410 Iron Sets


G-series irons from PING have been a revelation through the years for mid- and high-handicap golfers, most of whom need an infusion of increased distance, higher launch, and added forgiveness in their iron game. Plain and simple, G series irons have made golf more fun. Now, with its new G410 irons, not only has PING taken the aforementioned playability to new heights, it has done so in a more streamlined package that offers better sound and feel as well.

More specifically, the blade length of the G410 irons is three percent shorter when compared to G400 and there’s 10 percent less offset as well. That said, with what PING has done to add weight to the heel and toe region of the G410 irons, their MOI has also increased by eight percent. Also of note, Cor-EYE Technology and an undercut top-rail combine to provide exceptional ball speeds from across the face and naturally high launch conditions.

Ping G410 Drivers


Over the course of the last several years, PING drivers have been lauded for what has been an industry-leading combination of distance and accuracy. With its new G410 drivers, PING will once again be offering significant ball speed and forgiveness for players of all ability levels, as well as the innovative aerodynamics it has been known for. But PING also has taken its customization offerings to a whole new level in both the G410 Plus and the G410 SFT.

Both new drivers feature a new, lightweight adjustable hosel that offers more fitting options, and the G410 Plus also features movable weight technology, which PING is calling Custom CG, to help players more easily create the shot shape they want or fight their most common miss. Of course, the SFT was designed specifically to help players fight a slice, and both new models feature a thinner, treat-heated forged clubface that is producing faster ball speeds than G400.

Ping G410 Fairway Woods


With its new line of G410 fairway woods, PING has been able to move the CG lower in the clubhead but also closer to the clubface to create an impressive combination of effortless launch and low spin, which is the ultimate recipe for maximizing distance. Additionally, there are three unique fairway models for players to choose from to fit their needs, and each features a new lightweight, adjustable hosel with added settings to help fine tune performance.

The three models, all of which utilize a maraging steel clubface that promotes ball speed gains, are the standard G410, the G410 SFT, and the G410 LST. The standard G410 will fit the widest array of players, while the larger, more lightweight SFT was designed for players who struggle with a block or a slice. Finally, the LST replaces the Stretch fairway in PING’s lineup, but it has a profile that’s 11 percent smaller and will also reduce spin by about 300 RPM.

PING G410 Hybrids


With irons continuing to get longer thanks to technology, PING understands that hybrids need to push the envelope as well in terms of distance. As it relates to the new G410 hybrids, PING has taken a few measures to ramp up ball speed. Most notable is the use of maraging steel, which is lightweight but very strong, to construct the clubface, but the face has also been made thinner thanks in large part to a 6.5 percent increase in the profile size of G410 compared to G400.

The G410 hybrids also feature a low-density tungsten weight that has been positioned deep and back in the clubhead to promote naturally high launch and enhanced stability at impact. Additionally, a new adjustable hosel offers players more fitting options to dial in their preferred shot shape and trajectory, and the addition of three settings that provide flatter lie angles should prove especially helpful for the many golfers whose miss with a hybrid tends to be a hook.

Ping GG410 Crossovers


PING first introduced its Crossover utility club in the G line and it was also part of the G400 lineup. Compared to those two iterations, however, the new G410 looks like it has been in the gym working out relentlessly. With a new, streamlined shape that is more reminiscent of an i500 long iron, the G410 Crossover will give golfers who want hybid-like performance and iron-like workability in one packages exactly what they’re looking for.

More specifically, with its maraging steel clubface, hollow design, and unique flexing mechanics, the G410 Crossover will deliver ball speeds and launch conditions more like a hybrid or even a fairway wood. That said, its sole design, tungsten weighting in the toe, and straighter clubface will allow players to shape shots the way they would be able to with a traditional long iron, albeit with far more forgiveness on off-center strikes.

PING Sigma 2 Putters


PING’s new Sigma 2 putters offer groundbreaking adjustable shaft technology to help players self-fit their putter from a length standpoint to perfectly match their setup position, with the result being more consistent contact and better results on the greens. Each Sigma 2 putter can be easily adjusted to lengths between 32 and 36 inches by using a small tool that is inserted into the top of the grip. Adjustments, however, will not affect the grip, as it will stay perfectly aligned while any length changes are being made. 

Additionally, a new Dual-Durometer face insert has been utilized in the Sigma 2 line. It features a soft front layer and firmer back layer, which combine to provide optimal precision on short putts but enhanced feedback on longer putts to promote improved speed control. In all, there are nine unique head shapes available in the Sigma 2 line, including classic PING models like the Anser and the Tyne, as well as brand new models like the Valor and the highly unique Fetch.

Ping i500 Iron Sets


For PING, the i500 represents a foray into a completely new product category for the company, one it’s calling the Players Power Iron. And it’s an apt name, as the classic, elegant look of the i500 is going to appeal to better players and even the most discerning golfer. But at the same time, these are irons that deliver explosive distance numbers and towering launch conditions to help the average player, and that performance is made possible thanks in large part to a hollow design and forged C300 maraging steel clubface that flexes like a fairway wood at impact.

So who’s the i500 iron going to best suited for? That will be a long list. Lower-handicappers will love the look and the shot-shaping ability that comes with the compact blade shape and limited offset. They’ll also enjoy a sound and feel that’s more crisp than the G700. But more modest ball-strikers can also benefit from the i500, as it will provide the game-improvement performance and forgiveness that they need to hit better iron shots. Add it all up and what you have is a winning combination and an iron that’s likely to be a massive commercial success.

Ping i210 Iron Sets


PING’s new i210 will be stepping into some big shoes as it replaces the i200, which was a huge success. How good was the i200? Good enough that it was played by numerous touring pros around the world as well as countless mid-handicap amateurs. Still, PING believes that the i210 will be a significant upgrade, as it will still provide the precision performance that golfers loved about the i200 but in a more streamlined shape that appeals to the eye. Additionally, the i210 is softer than its predecessor and ranks as far and away the softest iron PING has ever made.

A new sole design will also make the i210 a better fit for a wider array of golfers in terms of turf interaction and make it easier for players to work the ball, and its new Hydropearl 2.0 finish will give players a more traditional look while also offering more durability. In terms of fit, as was the case with i200, expect the i210 to rank among the most versatile in the game. It’s certain to go immediately into bags on Tour, and it has everything recreational golfers want and need.

Ping i500 Iron Sets


In creating its new Glide Forged wedges, PING set out to meet the needs of its staff of Tour players and in the end created a wedge that it new would appeal to the game’s most serious amateurs as well. Glide Forged wedges feature a compact shape that will appeal to the eye of better players, and they will provide a softer sound and feel than any PING wedge that’s ever been made. Additionally, the face and spin technologies, construction, and shaping were all implemented to create an amazing level of precision, control, and versatility.

Also unique about Glide Forged wedges is tungsten toe weighting, which offers a level of forgiveness that belies their compact shape. There are also exciting customization options available, including eye-catching graphics and the ability to take advantage of personalized stamping. PING understands that Glide Forged won’t appeal to everyone, but for those who want the ultimate in precision, performance, and feel, they’ll deserve serious consideration.

PRODI G Junior


PING has always been a serious player in the junior club market, and it’s pushing the envelope even further with the introduction of its Prodi G line. Created to provide optimal performance for players between the ages of 7 and 13 and with the latest technologies available in its inline adult offerings, PING did extensive market research and testing with junior players to ensure that it was creating products that offered the proper fit and weighting to help young golfers learn the proper technique as they develop their golf swing.

The Prodi G line offers woods, irons, and wedges in two flex options, as well as a Voss-style putter, and clubs can be purchased individually or in four different packages, each of which includes a Hoofer stand bag. Best yet, for customers who purchase packages or at least five Prodi G clubs during the same traction, they will be eligible for PING’s “Get Golf Growing” program, which allows each club to be sent back to PING for a one-time complimentary adjustment.

Ping G400 Max Drivers


PING engineers had one goal in mind when they began the process of creating the G400 MAX driver ... to create the straightest, most accurate driver in golf. To accomplish that goal, the G400 MAX features a slightly larger footprint than its G400 stablemates, 460cc as opposed to 445cc, and additional tungsten weight has been positioned low and deep in the clubhead. The end result? A driver that can claim more than 9,900 combined MOI points, which is an astounding six percent higher than the highly forgiving standard G400.

That said, the G400 MAX isn’t just for higher-handicap players. It features all of PING’s aerodynamic advancements and face technologies, which means it’s fast. And given just how accurate the G400 MAX is, plenty of better players, including members of PING’s tour staff, are likely to put this driver into play with longer shafts to increase swing speed and add even more distance.

Ping G700 Iron Sets


When it comes to the irons it creates primarily for mid- and high-handicappers, PING prefers to label them as game-enjoyment rather than game-improvement. And for those players who need more distance to get the most out of their iron play, the new G700 irons are going to offer plenty of enjoyment. With a hollow body design and clubface that’s been constructed using high-strength, lightweight C300 steel, the G700 irons are definitely long, but they’re also incredibly forgiving and offer impressively high launch conditions. 

The G700 will, however, fit a wider range of player than its description might suggest. From a playability standpoint, these irons will provide average players with everything they need to hit and hold more greens, a key to shooting lower scores. But with their clean shape, solid feel, and high level of consistency, the latter of which is often missing in a distance iron, better players who could benefit from a few extra yards might also be great candidates for the G700 irons.

Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedges


Glide 2.0 wedges have been a huge success since their release. PING, however, is never one to rest on its laurels, and subsequently took feedback from its staff of touring professionals to create the new PING 2.0 Stealth wedges. What’s new? For starters, the sleek, dark finish looks stunning and will eliminate glare on the course, and these wedges have also been constructed using soft 8620 carbon steel to deliver a more muted sound at impact. Additionally, a new half groove at the bottom of the clubface is giving players even more spin around the greens. 

Of course, what has made PING wedges so popular are the different sole grinds that are offered to help players pick wedges that will work for their game, and that will continue with the Glide 2.0 Stealth lineup. Between the SS, ES, WS, and TS sole shapes, regardless of how you deliver the club at impact or the turf and sand conditions where you play most often, PING will have options to help you hit the shots you want and perform better from 125 yards and in.

Ping Vault 2.0 Putters


Putters have been a major focus for PING since the company was founded nearly 60 years ago, and the new Vault 2.0 lineup is offering players a high-end product that flat out delivers in terms of look, feel, and performance. Each Vault 2.0 putter has been meticulously crafted from premium materials to provide exceptional feel and PING’s patented True-Roll Face Technology is helping players improve their speed and distance control. Additionally, tungsten weighting in the sole is providing the type of balance through the stroke that every player can benefit from. 

The Vault 2.0 line is also offering a myriad of great options in terms of model and finish to give golfers the exact look they want and a putter that will match up perfectly with their putting stroke. Included are blade and mallet designs, as well as models that will work well for players with slight or strong arcs in their stroke or those who putt using a straight back, straight through approach. And the platinum, stealth, and copper finishes being offered are visually stunning.

Ping G400 Drivers


The multi-material design combines drag-reducing technology with a speed-inducing forged face and MOI-raising tungsten sole weight to deliver longer drives and fairway-finding forgiveness.

Faster Shape
Streamlined design combines with bolder turbulators and Vortec Technology to advance aerodynamics (15% less drag) for more clubhead speed.

Forged Face
Engineered to increase face flexing (6% thinner, 16% more flexing) and deliver a powerful sound and feel, the forged face is precision machined to produce hotter ball speeds (1-2 mph) for more distance (approximately 5 yards) across the entire face.

Ping G400 Fairway Woods


It’s ball speed and stopping power comes from an innovative maraging steel face that flexes 30% more than any previous design-- making it our hottest, highest launching fairway wood ever. A low lead edge and new, bolder turbulators elevate your ball flight and confidence from any distance.

Maraging steel face
One of strongest and most flexible alloys in the world, maraging steel is an ideal face material to deliver faster ball speeds that launch shots farther, higher and straighter.

Ping G400 Hybrids


An ideal option when gapping your set for mid-to-long distance shots, the G400 hybrids combine maraging steel faces with CG optimization to deliver more distance and forgiveness. Hotter ball speeds launch shots higher and farther while internal weighting keeps your ball flight on line and under control.

Cascading sole
Engages at impact to increase face flexing for higher launch.

Ping g400 Crossovers


The precision, workability and control of an iron combined with the ball speed and forgiveness of a hybrid make the G400 Crossover a high-performance and versatile option for golfers of all skill levels. The maraging steel face delivers faster ball speeds and higher launch to produce 30% more stopping power. The addition of a tungsten toe weight increases forgiveness resulting in 17% tighter dispersion. Turf interaction is greatly improved with a thinner sole.

Tungsten Toe Weight
20 grams, externally joined for higher MOI and greater forgiveness.

Ping g400 Irons


Face flexing technology that launches the ball faster and higher so you’ll enjoy more distance with the stopping power and feel to hit approach shots closer than ever. Imagine hitting one less club to the green with the height of two less clubs – giving you tour-player type performance with the forgiveness you need to find the putting surface more often.

COR-Eye Technology
Faster ball speeds generate gains in distance and shot height for stopping power.

Toprail Undercut Cavity
Combines with COR-Eye Technology to amplify and expand face flexing (18% more) to increase ball speed and launch the ball higher.

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