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Benefits of golf club trade in ;

Trading in your golf clubs is a great way to upgrade your current clubs without spending a lot of money wisely and in a more affordable conducive way.

Basically, you are selling your current golf clubs and then using that money to buy new clubs with us at V K Golf Shop. If you have a driver with a trade in value of RM $100 and you want to purchase a new driver that is selling for RM $2,400, in the end you only pay RM $2,300. You now have sold a club you no longer want or use and have a new club in your bag.

Golf clubs depreciate in value rapidly. A club you have in your garage maybe worth RM $100 now, but only worth RM $50 a month or two from now. 

So why delay,why wait,why tink so hard, Go for It at V.K.Golf Shop today and FEEL the AMBIENCE of SATISFACTION in your Golfing Senses'

We at V K Golf Shop believe in complete customer satisfaction and lasting value, which is why we guarantee a perfect purchase at our Retail Golf Outlet or Online Golf Store with delivery of your golf equipment.

We'd love to be able to promise that you'll improve your golf game but at least we can assure you that you will get the quality and service you expect, and together we'll improve your golf game!

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